Advanced Infusionsoft ™ Integrations & apps

MyFusion Helper

MyFusion Helper is our flagship product. It is the industry's largest and most comprehensive set of API extensions and plugins available for the Infusionsoft™ Campaign Builder environment. It extends Campaign Builder with additional functionality and features.

MyFusion Helper is a game changer. All of the functions and features that you need and require to improve Infusionsoft™ but at a fraction of the cost of our competitor. Click the link below to see all of the amazing "Helpers" available to you today.

MyFusion Notes

MyFusion Notes was our first product released. It integrates Zendesk with Infusionsoft™ and extends power and flexibility to both platforms.

With MyFusion Notes you can synchronize your Helpdesk Ticket data into Infusionsoft™ as contact notes. ​It can also launch pre-configured and custom campaigns in Infusionsoft™ via simple and user-configurable macros within Zendesk.

MyFusion Funnels

This one we are very excited about - too much to show to 'share' the big surprise.

Suffice it to say, if you're looking for an easier way to do 1-click upsells, funnel split testing, more robust order forms with bump offers that are mobile friendly... and even Stripe integration, well, keep your eyes open - we'll talk soon. To get on the early notification list, please click the button below.​

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Our Efficient Profits Philosophy

Our other business is named Efficient Profits and it's named that for a reason. We whole-heartedly believe that your business should be structured in a way that supports your desired lifestyle. We don't believe efficiency is about working faster just so you can work more. Rather, we believe efficiency is about working smarter and working less.

"Leveraging automation and systems to
create a business that serves you
rather than enslaves you!"

Automation and efficient systems are at the core of our philosophy. What John and Troy realized after creating Efficient Profits is that there was a piece missing. That piece was customized software automation and systems. Infusionsoft™ is at the core of what we practice and teach, but there are areas where Infusionsoft needs a helping hand. That is why we teamed up with Nick Kulavic and created MyFusion Solutions, LLC.

Our first flagship product is MyFusion Notes. Don't worry, though, we have several other products already in development. Make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye on this site. We'll be making many other announcements of upcoming projects, SaaS Infusionsoft Apps and Software ​in the very near future.

~ Meet the Team ~

Troy A. Broussard, Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

Troy Broussard is an experienced Marketer and Entrepreneur. He has created five online businesses in the past 5 years in the Services, Coaching and SaaS spaces. He has extensive backgrounds in product creation, high ticket sales and service businesses, systems, databases and programming.

Troy is a "recovering programmer" and former database administrator in Informix, Oracle and SQL Server and is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. He has been using Infusionsoft™ since 2008 - back in the "black, white and red" days of Infusionsoft™!​

Troy's passion is in creating efficient business systems and automation solutions that allow small business owners to spend much more of their time working on their business instead of in their business.​

Thales Broussard, Project Manager

Thales is our goto resource to just get it done! What? Well, pretty much whatever we need and that's the glue that keeps things moving on all of these projects.

VSL's, animation, graphics, Keynote slide decks, audio work - you name it, Thales is the man. 

MyFusion Notes - Thales did the site design and all of the animation and editing work for the VSL as well. 






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