Infusionsoft Reporting with Google Sheets

Google Sheets Infusionsoft Integration

Reporting inside of Infusionsoft is one of the single most complained about features. While the reports are mostly adequate, they simply are too limited and not easily customized. There is also no way to create nice visual charts or graphs and delivery of the reports to management can also be “challenging”. Until now…

Introducing, the Google Sheet It Helper for MyFusion Helper! In a hurry? Just watch the video here:

Google Sheets Comes to Infusionsoft

Our philosophy here at MyFusion Solutions is to INTEGRATE and not to reinvent the wheel. Case in point, we could have gone off on a mission to create a complete reporting module for Infusionsoft (others have). But our vision is one of “integration” instead. So we took a different path.

Google Sheets is a terrific reporting mechanism. Often called the “online version of Excel” for its ability to create eye-popping charts, graphs and richly formatted reports, it seemed like a logical fit to integrate with Infusionsoft. So that’s exactly what we did.

How it Works

It really is quite simple and you can have your first report up and running in five minutes. Here’s the simple four step process to follow:

  1. Create a saved search or saved report in Infusionsoft and give it a name.
  2. Using MyFusion Helper, create a simple Google Sheet It Helper that links the report to Google Sheets
  3. Copy/Paste the provided code from MyFusion Helper into Google Sheets
  4. (Optional) Set up Google Sheets trigger to automatically refresh the data on your desired cycle.

That’s it! Honestly, it takes less than 5 minutes to do. We’ve also made a video you can watch (above).

Try MyFusion Helper for Free

If you’re not currently using MyFusion Helper, simply go here to sign up for a free 30-day no obligation trial and see for yourself if it’s not the single most powerful integration suite available for Infusionsoft today. We have 34+ other integrations and helpers beyond Google Sheets that we know you’ll love.
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Troy Broussard

Troy is the co-founder of MyFusion Solutions and is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Troy currently runs three businesses on Infusionsoft, runs training and coaching programs, a high-end Mastermind for Infusionsoft powered small businesses and is the author of the upcoming book Infusionsoft Mastery: The Definitive Best Practices and Strategic Implementation Guide. Troy also founded and co-hosts TheAutomation.Club.

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